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We are known as the Team Superintendent (T.S.I.)! We are a group of students from different classes throughout the Secondary 2 Level. Our group consists of Iskandar B. Dzulkarnain, Looi Wei Chern, Shawn Tan, Soh Fan and Wong Jing Yi.

Reflections (Iskandar B Dzulkarnain)

Day 1:

Our first day in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was a very welcoming one. After being greeted by the fellow student ambassadors and checking-in to our accommodation, we went on with the programme of the day, by proceeding next to the Art, Design and Media Auditorium for a speech and address by the Seniors of NTU. That was soon followed by the Plenary Sessions which were very interesting, engaging and at the same time, informative by the various, great lecturers on different topics. First, we started off with the Importance of Water, where it was proven how water, is one of the largest industries and able to sustain for a long long time, in today's society, as a lot of people (A Billion at least) requires access to clean water, in which they do not. They obtain diseases and such, and it is up to us, to make a difference from them, through studying muck. Afterwards, we were introduced to the Revolution of Integrated Circuits, where almost everything is very minute, thus making it seem that smaller, is better. If you are an engineer, you basically encompass virtually everything, the limits are endless. Nano-Technology was soon introduced to us that makes everything possible, and it is a very small subject to talk about, literally. Something more closer to us, was Animation, where we learnt that 3D, even though it was less nicer to look at, it was much more cheaper and less labour intensive. Lastly, we went on to Geography, then how the Earth affected the Sea-Water Rise levels, and much to our surprise, Sea-levels are NOT the same everywhere. What left me the deepest impression was the talk about the Triple Es, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, as it told me what we can do, what I can do. The sky's the limit.

Day 2-3:

We were finally completed with our Applied Project, which involved Electrical Engineering and Circuit Design which required our basic Electronics knowledge, and at the same time, creativity, which is in my opinion, a quite strange blend. The reason I have chose this project was because it interested me in engineering to find out more about circuitry. I have also wondered about behind-the-scenes of how was machinery and electronics were made, thus my curiosity had to be answered. This has sparked my interest in Engineering as I can make literally anything, it is also not that complicated to comprehend. I was the Group Leader in my Group, in which we had faced numerous challenges, ranging from lack of knowledge in circuitry (Despite reading the manual) to lacking sufficient time. For the obvious reasons, we have consulted the teacher whenever in doubt, but for lack of sufficient time, we had to make do, and try our best to submit quality work under pressure by working with one another to support each other to be able to be successful. One of the most obvious things I have discovered in myself is that I am geared heavily towards Engineering, not too decent or great, but not too bad either, as I have the interest and motivation, now all I need is the skills. A lot has been benefited from this expedition into the frontiers of Science (Particularly in Electronics), as despite me having prior knowledge of what is what, and what and how to do, being exposed to a real hands-on experience to the circuit is a totally different experience, as it was a real shock to see the breadboard and items myself, as I had expected it to be significantly bigger. I aspire to be an Engineer, that will be able to create anything, of any size, for any use.

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