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We are known as the Team Superintendent (T.S.I.)! We are a group of students from different classes throughout the Secondary 2 Level. Our group consists of Iskandar B. Dzulkarnain, Looi Wei Chern, Shawn Tan, Soh Fan and Wong Jing Yi.

Reflections (Looi Wei Chern)

Day 1 @ Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was very interesting and inspiring for me to know more about University Life and allowed me to get a brief insight of how university students cope with so many activities even when they are busy. The most enriching was the plenary sessions which we get to experience lectures in Lecture Halls, with everyone listening to only one lecturer.

It started off with Professor Ng describe the importance of water through the examples of many countries, such as parts of Asia, like China and Sri Lanka. There are many water problems that these countries can face, such as drought, contaminated water, pollution which causes diseases and also lack of clean and drinkable water.  Efforts have been put in to solve these problems in the different countries in the world. Singapore is one of them. Singapore has gone a long way towards overcoming all these water issues with many different solutions like water catchment plant, desalination and water reclamation. NEWater is another example of which Singapore do to solve the problem of lack of drinkable water.

Right after the tea break catered for us, we carried on with the enriching plenary sessions like the revolution of microelectronics technology, innovative, animation with the use of technology and ending of with a interesting talk by Professor Hill from the Earth Observation of Singapore and she was very informative and knowledgeable about the Earth, like the about glaciers and gravity and more!

With technology being such a useful tool for our everyday life, it is getting more and more popular among many countries! I have learnt that more supply chain are moving over to Asia which includes Singapore! Then, all these new gadget with many functions will be widely available in Asia as more electronic companies will move into Asia. Thus, it will benefit everyone including us when the technology gets more advanced as the years go by... With comparison to the first computer, the Z-1, or the first cellphone, the Motorola DynaTac, to the latest laptop/computer, such as the MacBook, or the popular iPhone, the weight difference is big and it is amazing how compact these technologies become, in order to fit into one's pocket now! In the 21st century, soldiers may still have to fight wars and go for National Service (NS), but probably in a few centuries later, what goes to war to fight for the country may be programmed robots! We will never know...

With connection to Technology is the world of science which is what we are familiar with too. Both technology and science should benefit us as we should use it to the best that we can. Nano-technology is one of the few that can really help us in the coming future, either to help cleanse the contaminated waters for better purposes, or even to help cure different forms of disabilities too. It can even be narrowed down to how it can come in handy in the Defence Field too. Army suits can be bullet proof for protection, or even allows it to seem invisible to the naked eye and deceive the enemies in a war!

Technology indeed has many uses! It is even used for creating our animated movies and cartoons that gives us lots of enjoyment and excitement when watching them! Pixar or Walt Disney movies are some examples. With the use of technology, it simplifies the whole process of animating the different scenes in the 19th century where every scene is draw by hand... In the 21st century, technology are now so powerful that it can help in reducing the labour intensiveness of drawing the scenes anymore! Technology can now make it happen so much faster, easier and incurs lesser cost!

Last but not the least, we end off the whole plenary sessions with an interesting subject, Earth! It all started with how the world was actually thought to be flat and there is an edge of the world, but it was soon realised that the world is actually sphere! With so many countries in the world, it is rather astonishing that the sea-levels is not the same everywhere we go! It is strange too of how the gravity also varies by small amounts in different parts of the world, and it is based on the difference in mass in the different locations. Though we can't feel it, but we are actually slighter lighter in some places than at another place! How interesting!

Deepest Impression
 I find the plenary session about "IT for Animation" and really was looking forward to this plenary session as I am curious about how animations are done manually in the past and how IT (Technology) actually helped simplify the whole animation process and decreases the amount of time and money spent too.

Day 3 @ NTU-SST Flagship Camp closes and wraps up all our different applied projects challenge that was done over the whole of Day 2 and it is the start of the preparation of all our presentations to showcase our new knowledge learnt to the professors. It is indeed a right choice to select this project as it is really fun and interesting! I have always wondered what is so complicated about the circuit connections and the electronics inside all of our gadgets, like our phones and MacBook, or even as basic as our watches. Thus, I have chosen this challenge to allow me to understand the whole concept and understand how circuits work within the different technology. It clears many of my doubts about the different electronics and the different integrated circuits. It is just like computer programming, every minor detail can make the whole machine go wrong. Now, I can finally understand why streetlight lamps or even traffic lights would actually sometimes becomes faulty. My role within my group is actually a photographer and I simply snap pictures of every different things we experience and what we do together as a team and all new discoveries throughout the whole applied project challenge and some other activities too. I work well with my group. Thus, we would be able to complete all the experiments and learn as much as we can from it! Along the way, there are bound to challenges and problems, just like how every single component of the circuit would affect everything. Thus, we would then have to use certain basic knowledge that we have learnt about electronics and apply it or we would seek assistance and the professionalism of the project advisors of the professor to find what has gone wrong with our circuit which result in a incorrect result. Through the whole challenge, I have discovered more about how circuits can work together with different technologies and machines, like the multimeter, the transistors and the different forms of diode too. The challenge benefited me as I have learnt more about the application of electronics in technologies, which we use everyday, and most likely being able to apply these knowledge into my future project or even my future studies in the coming future and it would really help me to understand the more complex technologies that are coming soon in just a matter of time. My aspirations is to be able to finish my studies with a degree in a course which involves media and technology and hopefully, some skills I have learnt in this camp would be useful in my future career! Who knows? :)

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