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We are known as the Team Superintendent (T.S.I.)! We are a group of students from different classes throughout the Secondary 2 Level. Our group consists of Iskandar B. Dzulkarnain, Looi Wei Chern, Shawn Tan, Soh Fan and Wong Jing Yi.

Reflections (Soh Fan)

Plenary sessions [ Day 1 ]
1. I have learnt that water is very precious and we are very fortunate to have water whenever we need, compared to other third-world countries. Contaminated water usually contains microbes that cause diseases.

2. Asia is becoming the focal point of electronics due to proliferation of gadgets. Computers last time were heavy and bulky, and integrated circuits were invented in 1958. Electronics enables many things, such as entertainment and transportation. We can remember the nine integrated circuits by knowing the acronym BRAINWAVE which stands for bio, radio, auto, info, nano, water/H20/Audio,video,energy. Electronics are converging at nanoscale.

3. Theres are nano-tech, bio-tech and defense-tech. Nano-tech enables many different things, such as clean water, change of color in contact lens and nano-braces. Defense-tech also enable urban warrior, and bio-tech enables cataract, surgery, etc.

4. There are 3 different basic animation. Stop motion, 2D and 3D. Animation requires science, technology and math which includes geometry and linear algebra. 2D animation is usually no viable because of its labour cost. Although require a labour intensive and budget pressured, it is a beautiful art form and requires skilled artist.

5. A geodesist is one who measure shape and size of Earth, its gravity field and how these things change over time. Sea level rise will not be the same everywhere; it varies around the planet. The force of attraction of an object is determined by having its mass divided by the distance from another object. Sea level rise will be highest farthest from the glaciers.

The plenary session that leaves the deepest impression on me is the fourth one. I like it as I took an interest in making game animations and it processes. I aspired to be a game designer and naturally liked about that plenary session.

My Personal reflection [ Day 2-3 ]
1. I choose this project because I want to be exposed to electronics and circuits so that I can be exposed to more things and new skills. I also took up a small interest in electronics and thus decided to try it.

2. My role in this group is to basically complete all the experiments with my team and accomplish and earn as much as I can from these experiments.

3. Challenges we encounter when working on this project in the last two days.
At first we had some problems trying to understand and process the things the professor had taught us as it was our first time learning electronics. A lot of things were foreign to us and it was only via questioning and doing the experiments that we came to know what the professor had taught better.

4. Through this project, I discovered that I like to ask a lot of questions whenever I do not understand a thing and I have a tendency to try a experiment a lot of time in order for it to work, via the student helpers’ help.

5. I learnt a lot of new and interesting things that I did not knew before. The skills that I had grabbed hold of also would be useful in some of the future school projects that I would encounter. Some of skills I had were how to build a circuit board and each of its components features and usage.

6. My aspirations is to go to a school that specialised in the things I am interested and would like to study further more in, more in those who can provide game designing and media courses. 

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