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We are known as the Team Superintendent (T.S.I.)! We are a group of students from different classes throughout the Secondary 2 Level. Our group consists of Iskandar B. Dzulkarnain, Looi Wei Chern, Shawn Tan, Soh Fan and Wong Jing Yi.

Reflections (Wong Jing Yi)

My Personal Reflections [Day 1]

On Day 1 of NTU-SST Flagship programme, a warm welcome was given to us upon reaching the NTU campus. We enjoyed our tea, and then went to sit for a series of plenary talks.

Those plenary talks were held in the ADM Auditorium of NTU. The subjects of the plenary talks include:
1. Dirty & Clean
2. Revolutions of Microelectronics Technology
3. Innovative Breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology
4. IT for Animation
5. Disappearing Glaciers, Rising Sea Levels, and why Gravity is More Important than you Think

Of all five plenary talks we had received on our first day of NTU-SST flagship programme, the plenary talk that struck me most was the fourth plenary session, IT for Animation. It struck me as I did not know much about the process of the anime episodes that I like to watch, and IT for Animation also relates to something I am interested in- anime. After the talk, I have learnt the different types of ways which can be used to create animations, and knew more about the tedious process of animation.

I also found the fifth plenary session intriguing as it gave me new insight to the job of geodesists, and from the plenary session, I realised that the shape of the Earth is not constant and it changes according to the locations of water bodies on Earth.

In conclusion, my first day at NTU was really fun, and I look forward to the rest of the camp.

My Personal Reflections [Day 2]

I chose this project because I felt that I could do a part in society by coming up with a design to help the handicap and improve their daily lives. Furthermore, I also learnt quite a lot from the project that I have chosen so far.

My job in the team is basically to help to my group members with the lab experiments and other group work.

Some challenges that we have encountered when working on the project in the last two days was that there was insufficient time for us to complete our projects, thus causing a rushed piece of work which is not done to our best ability.

Through this project, I discover that even things we learnt in Primary School is important, as they are the basics of what we are about to learn in secondary or tertiary education.

As an individual, I have benefitted from the programme by learning how a university operates, and experiencing some of the courses that universities provide.

My aspirations is to be an engineer as the plenary session we had on the first day inspired me and opened my eyes to the realisation that engineers play a huge part in the society.

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